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1. They decided, would offer a few recipes to _______ each week.
2. By August 2012, the trio began boxing and shipping the first Blue Apron recipes to early testers who could order one of three _______ : fish, poultry, or beef or pork.
3. It was expensive, it was time- _______ and it was difficult to find recipes that we trusted.
4. The decision to form a founding team based on varying business strengths was _______ to the startup's success, Salzberg says.
5. They tried a few startup _______ before landing on the one that became Blue Apron
6. We _______ loved food.
7. They'd _______ relationships with local farmers and create menus based on seasonality and what ingredients were in stock.
8. We were very _______ in assembling a team that we thought was complementary and would work well together
9. Blue Apron has also added meals for people with dietary _______ and a market place where customers can shop for cooking supplies.
10. Blue Apron, a New York-based startup that delivers millions of recipes and fresh _______ to subscribers every month.

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