Angol Felsőfokú Szókincs Teszt - 7 (Eddig vizsgázott 13 ember)

Ha úgy érzed az angol nyelvtudásod még nem megfelelő, vagy szeretnél választékosan beszélni angol nyelven, akkor a következő teszt kiváló segítség lehet néhány új angol szó elsajátításához. Az alábbi tesztet kitöltheted bárhányszor és bármikor, mindezt teljesen ingyesen az segítségével. Ha regisztrálsz, akkor nyomon tudod követni tanulmányaidat is.

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Kövesd nyomon erdményeid

1. "Good," said the _______ master.
2. "Bring me _______ that fellow!" said the Marquis to the courier.
3. The village had its one poor street, with its poor brewery, poor _______ , poor tavern, poor stable-yard for relay of post-horses, poor fountain, all usual poor appointments.
4. My petition is that a _______ of stone or wood, with my husband's name, may be placed over him to show where he lies.
5. _______ by a courier in advance, and by the cracking of his postilions' whips, which twined snake-like about their heads in the evening air, as if he came attended by the Furies, Monsieur the Marquis drew up in his travelling carriage at the posting-house gate.
6. "I doubt, sir," returned the nephew, "whether, if it had carried me to the utmost _______ of death, you would have cared to stop me there."
7. From this room, many such dogs have been taken out to be hanged; in the next room (my bedroom), one fellow, to our knowledge, was _______ on the spot for professing some insolent delicacy respecting his daughter-- his daughter?
8. Monseigneur the Marquis in his travelling carriage (which might have been lighter), conducted by four post-horses and two postilions _______ a steep hill.
9. Gradually, it subsided to a footpace, swinging and lumbering upward among the many sweet _______ of a summer night.
10. "My friend, I will die, _______ the system under which I have lived."

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