JLPT N1 Kanji Reading Test (taken by 61 people)

JLPT N1 level word reading test for Japanese learners. If you are looking for a free online JLPT test, then here it is. Practice Japanese words online on imulat.com and prepare for the JLPT exam!

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1. 朽廃 (decay)
2. 辛亥革命 (Xinhai Revolution)
3. 妄想 (wild idea)
4. 朝凪 (morning calm)
5. 迅速 (quick)
6. 弐つ (two)
7. 雰囲気 (atmosphere)
8. 帆船 (sailing boat)
9. じゃが芋 (potato)
10. 潮汐力 (tidal force)

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