We are talking about time in Chinese

Time markers in Chinese are pretty easy to study, you just need to learn some characters, and you are pretty much done with them. In the following vlog I try to teach you the most important ones, such as today, tomorrow and so on. Pay attention to the tones when you learn the words. I have included the pinyin readings both in the video and in the text below.

Some useful time markers in Chinese:

  • now: 现在 xiànzài
  • this week: 这周 zhèzhōu
  • next week: 下周 xiàzhōu
  • last week: 上周 shàngzhōu
  • this year: 今年 jīnnián
  • next year: 明年 míngnián
  • last year: 去年 qùnián
  • today: 今天 jīntiān
  • tomorrow: 明天 míngtiān
  • yesterday: 昨天 zuótiān

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