I am asking my friend about picking up girls in Chinese!

The difference between different cultures is alway an interesting topic. In the following vlog we are discussing a little bit about Asian and Western girls, and in the same time I practice my Chinese, which you can also do so ( vocabulary list included ). There might be viewers who disagree with what I have said in the video, please feel free to leave a comment on YouTube and we can discuss the details!

[SCROLL DOWN FOR THE VIDEO] Obviously my mother tongue is not Chinese, so I might make some mistakes, but I am trying to do my best so that you can understand it. I have been studying this language for almost two years now and I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful language I have ever learnt. Some might say that the characters are impossible to master, which is partly true. I would say that writing is pretty difficult but you can learn enough characters in a couple of years to read Chinese texts.

So here is the thing, I have been doing an exchange program in Kobe, Japan, and I have made some Chinese friends who are so happy to teach me their language. As I result sometimes my Chinese is even better than my Japanese. My dream is of course that I can speak it as a native.

If you listen to the video carefully, you might notice that our accents are not really the same. It is because Luo has a so called Fujian accent. I have started to learn the language when I was in Shenzhen and the Chinese there is not the same as in Fujian. I think this makes it more interesting, and I would be so happy if I had the time to go China and experience more of these things. We tend to discuss such topics a lot, I don't think if I lie to much when I say that Western girls are open, when it is about choosing a spouse ( 择偶 ). As we have said in the second half of the video, we plan to do this so called survey (调查)when we have the time.

Keep you updated!

Here is some vocabulary for the learners:

  • 话题-huàtí -topic
  • 搭讪-dāshàn-to pick up a girl
  • 卸妆-xièzhuāng-to remove makeup
  • 化妆-huàzhāng-makeup
  • 地铁-dǐtiě-subway
  • 饭馆-fànguǎn-restaurant
  • 门口-ménkǒu-entrance
  • 下一个-xiàyīge-the next one
  • 认不出-rènbùchū-do not recognise
  • 尴尬-gāngà-akward
  • 记不记-jìbùjì-Do you remember or not?
  • 当然-dāngrán-Of course!
  • 觉得-juéde-to think
  • 自然-zìran-natural
  • 成功率-chénggōnglǜ-success rate
  • 理解-lǐjiě-to comprehend
  • 访问-fǎngwèn-interview
  • 调查-diàochá-survey
  • 欧美-ŌuMěi-Europe and America
  • 方式-fāngshì-method
  • 区别-qūbié-difference
  • 推荐-tuījiàn-recommendation
  • 容易-róngyì-easy
  • 择偶-zé ǒu-to choose a spouse
  • 标准-biāozhǔn-standard
  • 老公-lǎogōng-husband
  • 男朋友-nánpéngyou-boyfriend
  • 情况-qíngkuàng-situation
  • 要求-yāoqiú-requirement
  • 满足-mǎnzú-to satisfy
  • 如何-rúhé-how?
  • 专门家-zhuānménjiā-specialist
  • 僚机-liáojī-wingman

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