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1. Pretty much from day one we've had steady _______ customer growth.
2. They decided, would offer a few recipes to _______ each week.
3. They tried a few startup _______ before landing on the one that became Blue Apron
4. We _______ loved food.
5. They'd _______ relationships with local farmers and create menus based on seasonality and what ingredients were in stock.
6. The decision to form a founding team based on varying business strengths was _______ to the startup's success, Salzberg says.
7. By August 2012, the trio began boxing and shipping the first Blue Apron recipes to early testers who could order one of three _______ : fish, poultry, or beef or pork.
8. Salzberg _______ all of the company's customer service requests for the first few months.
9. The recipes and _______ portioned ingredients would then be packaged and delivered to customers within 24 hours so they could make and eat a fresh meal for dinner.
10. , _______ if they ran low on items, one of the founders would run to a local grocery store to fulfill an order.

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