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1. To this end, the cars would have to really _______ the movement of the pedestrians and gather information about the neighboring cars.
2. The investment could _______ Toyota’s efforts in making the act of driving more autonomous, a process that Japanese carmakers have been pursuing under more conservative time frames than companies including Google Inc. and Tesla Motors Inc.
3. The company aims to _______ cars with automated highway driving by around 2020.
4. Our target is really to make the fatalities from car _______ zero,
5. Toyota Motor Corp. will spend $1 billion to form a research institute focused on artificial intelligence and robotics, as the world’s largest automaker looks to elevate its role in reducing traffic _______ .
6. We’re going to work _______ hard.
7. A modified Lexus GS sedan that can enter public _______ , switch lanes and steer to the off ramp,
8. Toyota last month _______ reporters test drives
9. All while picking _______ to speed up or slow down based on the surrounding traffic.
10. Toyota Research Institute Inc. will start _______ in January, and the Japanese carmaker’s five-year initial investment will set up locations near Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to a company statement.

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