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1. To this end, the cars would have to really _______ the movement of the pedestrians and gather information about the neighboring cars.
2. We’re going to work _______ hard.
3. The researcher’s aims will be to reduce the _______ of car accidents that cause 1.25 million traffic deaths per year worldwide, and to make driving more accessible in aging countries like Japan and the U.S., Toyota’s biggest markets.
4. Toyota last month _______ reporters test drives
5. Toyota Research Institute Inc. will start _______ in January, and the Japanese carmaker’s five-year initial investment will set up locations near Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to a company statement.
6. Gill Pratt, the former top robotics _______ for the U.S. military whom Toyota hired in September, will be chief executive officer.
7. The company aims to _______ cars with automated highway driving by around 2020.
8. A modified Lexus GS sedan that can enter public _______ , switch lanes and steer to the off ramp,
9. Our target is really to make the fatalities from car _______ zero,
10. All while picking _______ to speed up or slow down based on the surrounding traffic.

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