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1. Of course people _______ be able to hide data about what sites they use.
2. How else would it know to serve you with 7,000 ads for wedding dress vendors the very day you _______ your engagement?
3. Facebook knows _______ you like.
4. Most of them really don’t care enough -- at least, not enough _______ all that inconvenience.
5. But what _______ do companies really have to naive users who don’t spend a lot of time thinking about privacy?
6. How _______ would Facebook know to serve that panda video straight into your newsfeed?
7. They want Facebook to agree to use a “Do Not Track” standard that will keep all that potentially profitable data from the _______ eyes of advertisers.
8. Otherwise let advertisers follow you _______ the web.
9. The other problem is that naive users, who probably don’t spend a lot of _______ thinking about privacy, won’t bother.
10. This bothers many people, _______ since Facebook keeps expanding the list of things it knows about you.

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