JLPT 1 Kanji collection, the last list

I have collected the kanjis in 12 articles for you, and this is the last one. It took me approximately one month to learn them all, and I need to review the words everyday, otherwise I forget them very quickly. Feel free to use them and I hope we can all pass the exam!

Wooden dedications on a Japanese shrine

In general if you want to work in Japan you need to speak Japanese. Most of the companies require you to speak at least on the N2 level, but obviously the best is if you have the N1 certificate. Unfortunately for that you would need at least a couple of thousand study hours and a lot of patience.

Those who pass the JLPT ( Japanese Language Proficiency Test ) N1 level could receive 15 points when applying for working visas. This is according to a new point based evaluation system that was introduced in May 12, 2012, which is responsible for prioritizing highly educated people that are willing to enter Japan. For more information, you can refer to the official website of the Immigration Bureau of Japan. There are no restrictions on who can take the test. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to take the JLPT.

And then here is the last list. Katakana or hiragana readings and meanings also included in the list. If you feel like you still need to practice the hiragana or the katakana alphabet, you can do so by clicking on them.

  • 1101.優駿 ゆうしゅん fine horse
  • 1102.高嶺 たかね high peak
  • 1103.岩礁 がんしょう reef
  • 1104.擬革 ぎかく imitation leather
  • 1105.瞳子 どうし pupil
  • 1106.醜悪 しゅうあく ugliness
  • 1107.矯正 きょうせい correction
  • 1108.鴻 [ひしくい (hishikui)] bean goose
  • 1109.赫赫 かくかく glorious
  • 1110.霜害 そうがい frost damage
  • 1111.黒檀 [こくたん (kokutan)] ebony
  • 1112.謄本 とうほん certified copy
  • 1113.鞫問 きくもん questioning
  • 1114.燦々 さんさん brilliant
  • 1115.公爵 こうしゃく prince
  • 1116.瞭然 りょうぜん obvious
  • 1117.藤 ふじ wisteria
  • 1118.臨時 りんじ temporary
  • 1119.騒音 そうおん noise
  • 1120.礎 いしずえ cornerstone
  • 1121.鎖国 さこく national isolation
  • 1122.一瞬 いっしゅん instant
  • 1123.懲戒 ちょうかい discipline
  • 1124.食糧 しょくりょう food supply
  • 1125.修覆 しゅうふく mending
  • 1126.顕微鏡 けんびきょう microscope
  • 1127.鎌 かま sickle
  • 1128.鎮圧 ちんあつ subjugation
  • 1129.収穫 しゅうかく harvest
  • 1130.治癒 ちゆ recovery
  • 1131.騎士 きし knight
  • 1132.藩閥 はんばつ clannism
  • 1133.口癖 くちぐせ way of saying
  • 1134.胸襟 きょうきん one's heart
  • 1135.藍色 あいいろ indigo blue
  • 1136.修繕工 しゅうぜんこう repair man
  • 1137.雛 ひな young bird
  • 1138.鯉 こい common carp
  • 1139.豊穣 [ほうじょう (houjou)] abundant corp
  • 1140.繭 まゆ cocoon
  • 1141.麿 まろ I, me ( archaism )
  • 1142.濫用 らんよう misuse
  • 1143.繰り返し くりかえし repetition
  • 1144.瀬戸 せと channel
  • 1145.覇権 はけん hegemony
  • 1146.帳簿 ちょうぼ account book
  • 1147.鯨 くじら whale
  • 1148.神髄 しんずい essence
  • 1149.鵬程 ほうてい long cruise
  • 1150.霧雨 きりさめ light rain
  • 1151.羅馬字 ローマジ roman character
  • 1152.蘭 らん orchid
  • 1153.鶏 にわとり domestic chicken
  • 1154.譜面台 ふめんだい music stand
  • 1155.藻 も seaweed
  • 1156.韻 いん rhyme
  • 1157.艶艶 つやつや slick
  • 1158.鯛 たい sea bream
  • 1159.璽書 じしょ document with the emperor's seal
  • 1160.懸念 けねん fear
  • 1161.親譲り おやゆずり inheritance from a parent
  • 1162.騰貴 とうき rise
  • 1163.本欄 ほんらん this column
  • 1164.警鐘 けいしょう alarm bell
  • 1165.醸成 じょうせい foment
  • 1166.巌 いわお huge rock
  • 1167.馨 かおり smell
  • 1168.栄耀栄華 えいようえいが prosperity
  • 1169.飛躍 ひやく activity
  • 1170.顧問 こもん consultant
  • 1171.軍艦 ぐんかん warship
  • 1172.鶴 つる crane
  • 1173.魔術 まじゅつ black magic
  • 1174.逆襲 ぎゃくしゅう counterattack
  • 1175.驚異 きょうい miracle
  • 1176.鑑定 かんてい judgement
  • 1177.鷹 たか hawk
  • 1178.麒麟 きりん giraffe
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If you are interested, you can have a look at the first , second , third , fourth , fifth , sixth , seventh , eighth , ninth , tenth and eleventh lists as well.

Do not give up studying, but "There is no definitive count of kanji characters, just as there is none of Chinese characters generally." - Wikipedia.

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