What the hell is written there? I went to the dentist in Japan to learn Japanese

I was so afraid when it was about going to the dentist since I was a kid. I thought most of the dentist are cruel doctors who just want to pull your teeth out. However, one day I have decided to visit a private dentist here in Kobe.

So what is written here?

The rest of the article will focus on the photo I have taken at the dentist, because most of you have opened my article to study Japanese. By the way, I can tell you that if you have insurance, health care in Japan is quite cheap, and the service is one of the best in the world. I have to admit, that when the day came I already had five decayed teeth. As such I thought the treatment will be very painful, but I have realized that they do it so gently that you hardly feel anything. The doctor also tells you to sign, if something is wrong and he stops the process immediately. When everything was over, I went out of his room to wait for the receipt and I found this nice instruction on the wall, which I would like to translate now.

Well, the first the characters are:


, which should be bug in the tooth, decayed tooth in other words. The next sentence is as follows:


, which means even though something does not exist... So if we put them together it means something like "Even though I don't have a decayed tooth..."


The character "母" means mum, and katakana has been used to write "ボク", which means me.


The first three characters in the sentence above mean dentist and "へつれて行く", means to take somebody to somewhere. I think the meaning should be clear from now on, but let's see the last line.


"nandedarou..." is usually written using hiragana and it is a rhetorical question, meaning "why is that so"?

To summarize the meaning, I could translate it into something like: "Even though I don't have a single decayed tooth, my mum still takes me to the dentist, why is that?". Considering that I already had five teeth decayed, well... How would you answer that question?

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